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Estate Planning for a "Peace of Mind While Living" Exercise - What you need to know AND act on while Estate Planning

Debbie Baker




  1. What’s the purpose of consulting an attorney for peace of mind planning? (Estate Planning)

  2. Do you have a list of what you own?  And their value? If not, MAKE one. 




    1. Home(s)

    2. Car (s)

    3. Investments:  IRA, Stocks, etc.

    4. Bank accounts Checking and Savings

    5. Jewelry

    6. Books

    7. Antiques

    8. Furniture

    9. Etc.


  1. Who would you trust with the care of raising your children?  How do you know they’re the right people? If you do know, have you asked them to serve in that capacity?

  2. Do you have a Living Will?

  3. Who would pay your bills should you become incapacitated?  If you pay your bills online, who would be able to take care of this?

  4. Who would close out your digital presence (email; Facebook; Instagram, etc.)?

  5. Have you designated beneficiaries for your money (life insurance, IRAs, bank accounts)?

  6. If you created a will years ago, would you write the same one NOW?

  7. What happens to your minor children if you die while they’re still young?  If you’re traveling and something happens to you, who settles the mess?

  8. What are common mistakes families make when naming legal guardians?

  9. What’s the challenge if your minor children are beneficiaries of your financial assets (life insurance, etc.)?

  10. Why would you trust an 18-year old with ANY amount of money, much less a substantial amount of money?

  11. How often should you review your estate plan?

  12. Where do you go for good advice?  How do you choose?

  13. What are the unintended consequences to your minor children if you die unexpectedly and haven’t planned?

  14. When does a person turn into a legal adult? What, without planning, does that do to a parent’s rights regarding that now allegedly adult child?

  15. Is it necessary to have “money” to consider that you have an “estate”?

  16.  Can you create an estate plan that can be handled with little fuss or muss?

  17.  Is the death of a loved one a good time to ask someone to think rationally and figure things out?




If you don’t know the answers to these questions, please contact Debbie London Baker at 813-586-1332 or email her at to set up a consultation to learn how to plan and prepare yourself and your family. Don’t make the all too common mistake of postponing the planning process until it’s too late. Love your family and other loved ones enough to ensure that they are cared for after you die.  This consultation normally has a fee of $530.  When you call and mention this article, the fee is waived.