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Best Mother's Day Gift Ever? Protecting Your Children


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Best Mother's Day Gift Ever? Protecting Your Children

Debbie Baker

Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever?  Protecting Minor Children (PMC) Plan

Flower commercials have been flooding TV and newspapers for a couple of weeks reminding us that Mother’s Day is Sunday, 13 May.

Before a large chunk of money is spent on something that wilts and dies in a week or so, consider a gift that is TRULY priceless:  a plan that provides Moms and Dads peace of mind for taking care of something unimaginable – something happening to Mom and Dad preventing them from coming home.  Our PMC plan exists so that parents can know their children will be well taken care of by people chosen by them AND who the children know, love and trust.

We've all seen the news stories of moms and dads who leave their children with a babysitter, get into a terrible accident and don’t make it home. The babysitter calls and calls and gets no answer. The police get called and the children have to be placed with Child Protective Services. – what every parent is most afraid of happening.

We've seen the stories of children placed in the care of people they barely know just because they are related by blood since there was no plan in place that dictated who would take on this incredible responsibility. And we’ve seen the fall out of family fights created when mom and dad didn’t make a plan and the family couldn’t agree on what would happen.  Or in the worst case, what happens when there is no family available.

In all cases, it’s left up to a Judge decide when mom and dad haven’t and can’t!

We know you don't want this for your children (or grandchildren, nieces or nephews).  THIS is where a PMC Plan can ensure it never does - not for anyone in YOUR family!

The plan includes:

Legal documents to name short-term guardians

Letters to those short-term guardians so the people you've named will know just what to do if called upon.

Instructions to everyone who takes care of your kids as to exactly what to do if you are in an accident … so there's never any question about who to call.

Legal documents to name long-term guardians

Letters to your long-term guardians letting them know what to do if called upon.

Instructions and guidelines for your long-term guardians on how you want your kids to be raised...make sure your kids are raised with your values, insights, stories and experience.

Medical powers of attorney for your minor children so the next time they travel without you or you travel without them; you know they'll get the medical care they need.

A custom, personalized I.D. card for your wallet stating that you have minor children at home and who should be contacted if you are in an accident.

Debbie London Baker is an attorney committed to Family Legacy Planning - Here for You Today. Here for Your Loved Ones Tomorrow.  In honor of Mother’s Day, London Baker Law will, if you are one of the first ten families to get on our calendar, prepare a stand-alone PMC Plan for families who need them. We are also waiving our standard Family Legacy Planning Session fee for those first ten families.  AND, even if you don’t create a comprehensive PMC Plan with us, we will, during the session, help you name legal guardians for your children.  Call us at 813-586-1332 (1DEB) to get scheduled.